2021 : An Year of Adventure, Awakening, Surrender and Magic

2021 started on quite a high note for me. On the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century, I celebrated my 41st birthday. Enchanted by the unique combination of the date that occurs only once in a century, I made a birthday wish. And oh boy, little did I know that the Universe was listening.

Birthday declaration to universe
My Birthday Post

Synchronicities Starts Rolling In

2 days after my declaration to the universe, I learned that due to some strategic reasons, my employers decided to shut down the team I was part of. This news initially came as an utter shock to me as I truly enjoyed my tech job. I was confused if I should go back to the job search or if it was really Universe answering my call. My intuition was telling me that Universe had something in store for me and I should not worry. With faith in my heart, I surrendered and decided to take a sabbatical this year to explore a dream.

My Dream

For the past ten years, I have been researching quantum physics, neuroscience, and spirituality. To validate the concepts and wisdom found in various teachings, I became a spiritual scientist and started experimenting by applying all the spiritual learnings on my own life. My particular fascination was the nature of consciousness and the meaning of reality. I never thought that my curiosity would lead me on many transcendental adventures and would heal and transform all aspects of my life over the course of time. I often felt like I found a hack to make life effortless, easy, and filled with harmony. My dream was to teach this hack to children so they could manifest the life of their dreams and not become the victim of their circumstances, or familial and societal conditioning.

Experiencing The Magic Beyond This World

I left my job in February, and soon after there were series of events and travels that got lined up for me. I was in awe of all the magic that was rolling in. Clueless about how I would make my dream come true I was in total surrender to whatever Universe wanted me to experience this year.

In April, it was spring break for my kids and as a family we decided to take a vacation to Bahamas followed by Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Advance Retreat in Orlando. At this retreat I had a huge kundalini awakening experience that lasted for around 6 -7 days. I did not eat, drink or sleep for around 3 days. My brain was vibrating at gamma frequency. It was a mystical experience where I had access to so much information and visions, that it was overwhelming for me and my family to make any sense of what was going on. It was the most blissful, ecstatic, yet the most intense transcendental experience I have ever had (I’ve had plenty by now). To describe in brief, it was a like a union with the divine spirit, like Dr. Joe say “orgasms in the brain” that cannot be defined in human terms. The amount of love, compassion, and oneness that I experienced in that state cannot be described in physical words. I felt I experienced my real self, the self that is beyond this human costume. I got a chance to glimpse into what lies beyond the veil of illusion that we call reality. This experience challenged my every belief and forced me to face my deep subconscious fears like death up-close. It was certainly not an easy experience but I would call it my biggest blessing and my biggest adventure so far.

Image of a person having a Kundalini Experience

Propelled by my Kundalini experience and driven by passion, I launched my dream project EnergeiaX in May, with an intention to teach children how to master and harness their inner energy. It was an unusual concept for most of the people I knew. Without any certification or any formal education in teaching, I trusted in my experience of being a mother to make a heart to heart connection with children. To test the waters I created my first program to teach some basic concepts around Energy, Emotional Intelligence, Self Awareness, and Mindfulness.

Quote by Mahatma Gandhi — “ Be the change you want to see in the world”

I launched summer programs and it was going great. On one hand, I was riding on the high of offering these programs to the younger generation, while on the other hand, I was drowning in managing all the other aspects of what this entrepreneurial journey demanded. Content creation, video editing, graphics, website creation, managing social media, promotion, event management, payment management, etc. was not really the fun that I had planned for. I was getting great reviews and feedback from parents that kept me motivated to deal with all the mundane things that had to be taken care of.

Universe Takes Me On Another Magical Adventure

As I was enjoying all the highs and lows of this rollercoaster, somewhere in my heart I missed the synergy of working with people, teams, and abundant resources that a corporate structure provides. Clueless about what Universe had in store for me next, I promised myself to keep up with this project and to decide on the outcome of this experiment at the end of the year.

One morning in July, I woke up from a dream that felt very vivid and real. In my dream I experienced something that can be called as Heaven on Earth. I woke up with this huge realization that nothing needs to be changed in this world, it is perfect just the way it is. Everything is in divine harmony and there is a purpose to all the good and the bad that we see in the world.

I understood that duality has a role to play and it is up to each one of us to choose our heaven or hell. Every choice that we make from a place of love takes us closer to the kingdom of Heaven that lies within. I realized that EnergeiaX (X times the Energy) was what Universe delivered to me through my Kundalini experience. It was all for my personal adventure and learning and that there is nothing for me to teach anyone.

The Dark Night Of The Soul

The feeling of this realization was very profound but very disappointing as all my passion to teach children completely vanished after this experience. I had classes lined up, but the drive to teach anyone was not there. I was surprised that I dreamed of working on this project for past several years and how instantly this feeling vanished. I was confused if this was really Universe guiding me or my mind playing tricks on me. It was a challenging phase for me as I thought I have lost my mind and not able to focus on my goals. I wasn’t sure what Universe wanted from me anymore. I cancelled all the planned classes, refunded the money and apologized to parents.

During the course of next few weeks the frequency of profound visions and synchronized events increased significantly. It became overwhelming for me to make sense of what was reality anymore. My family had no prior experience of anything like this and got scared when I talked to them about any of it. At this point, I really missed having a spiritual teacher or guru who could guide me. Desperate for help, I wrote emails to Art of Living and Isha foundation. I tried reaching back to Dr. Joe Dispenza. But all was in vain. I felt lost, confused and afraid that I went too far in exploring spirituality and have totally lost my mind.

Energetic Integration Process

Slowly, things calmed down as Universe sent me resources and help in form of kind friends (who connected me to experienced people), books and articles that helped me validate and understand my experience better. It was relieving to know that I had not gone crazy but experienced something that has been experienced by many people in the past. Over the next few weeks, I got a chance to ground and integrate my energies.

There were many profound messages and visions, some were personal, some universal. Some I understood, others I am still trying to make sense of. The way I view the world will never be the same again. It’s still difficult for me to narrate my experiences into words, but I will share some highlights that makes sense in the midst of chaos that we are seeing today :

Heaven really is a state of mind that we achieve by purifying our thoughts, by forgiving others and by releasing the pain that we hold not only from this lifetime but from lifetimes beyond. When most of the population on the planet will live in the state of unity, unconditional love and compassion in their hearts and minds, is when we will experience Heaven on Earth as a collective.

We ourselves have designed our journey on this planet. Some may choose to awaken in this lifetime and others may choose to not awaken at all. And that is Ok! There is no competition of any sorts. We are here to just have fun and love each other. We are here to feel wide range of emotions and variety of experiences. Every journey is unique and special in its own way. Our perspectives and our beliefs defines our individual reality and personal experiences. Our differences makes our world so interesting and fun. There is nothing really good or bad in Divine’s eye, everything is equal. Our world is evolving in the most harmonious way possible and it can get only better.

Coming To Full Circle

In awe of how 2021 unfolded for me, I was wondering what to do next? Well, Universe never fails to surprise me. I logged back on LinkedIn to find a message from an ex-colleague inquiring to see if I was interested in an opportunity that was available at their workplace. I got super excited to see his message and took it as a sign to get back to all the fun that I had missed.

It was perfect timing for me as the job market was really hot and all the top notch tech companies were actively hiring. With faith in my heart, that Universe will align me with perfect job meant for me I reached out to my network of friends. Things quickly started rolling in and before I knew I had series of interviews lined up. Soon I found my perfect match and I resumed my corporate career.

With this my adventure and exploration comes to a full circle. I am so grateful for all the love and support I received from my husband and children during this time. My kundalini experience brought us closer and made us value each other much more than ever before. I am also very grateful to my circle of family members and friends who loved, cared and supported me unconditionally during these times.

Our world is much more magical and mystical than what our physical senses can perceive and I feel lucky to have experienced it!

Sending Love and Light to all those who tumble across this post. ❤️




Journey of my spiritual explorations, mystical experiences, learnings and everything in between.

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Merging Into Oneness

Journey of my spiritual explorations, mystical experiences, learnings and everything in between.

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